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Esthetic cosmetics Lymphodia, 19th Lymph-theraphy Instructor appointed training of China KC Innerbella

2018-07-12 10:34
Esthetic cosmetics Lymphodia, 19th Lymph-therapy Instructor appointed training of China KC Innerbella

Lymphodia's 19th lecture held at 'Innerbella Head Office' from 28th to 30th of April on the subject of lymph-therapy with Yang Jang Seok,  President of KC Innerbella and 16 instructor appointed students of lymph-therapy.

The company is a call seller that specialized in cosmetics and health food in China. Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Shandong Province, and expanded its sales network throughout China, including the three northeastern provinces of China, Won Naeseong and Guangxi Province. It is showing strong sales growth and a leader in the beauty distribution industry in China.

After the completing the lymph-therapy program, we have issued an instructor appointed certificate to promote the differentiated advantages and to show to Chinese consumers.

This program co-hosted by Innerbella and KC Innerbella, and planned as a beauty training program for 16 students in total for 3 days and aimed to be able to experience beauty education in Innerella, a mecca of Korean-Chinese beauty exchanges and advanced beauty education.

Beauty Cosmetic Lymphodia has been researched and developed under the participation of skin beauty experts, has 30years experience as a skin beauty expert based on the experience and know-how of Park E Gyung, who has been running "Innerbella skin care franchise" for over 10 years.

Based on the data obtained from practical experience, Lymphodia developed the smoothest effect on the human body by detecting the occurrence of troubles.

It is the most suitable technical cosmetics such as detox skin care and aromatherapy. In addition, products can be used in all skin using the material based on the principle of lymph-therapy, which is the most fundamental of the body circulation.

It is an esthetic cosmetic that can maintain human body balance and manage skin aging and formulations that maximize effects according to the natural basis material, customer and skin care specialist's body temperature can use for any hand technique, skin beauty device, therapy, etc.

Park E Gyung, who was in charge of planning of training said, "We have gathered know-how in order to learn all the techniques that can manage the human body in a short time, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff who have made a passion for the 19th KC Innerbella Lymph-therapy training preparation and to the instructor appointed students."