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CEO Park E Gyung of Natural Cosmetics Lymphodia awarded the best Asian Top Master prize ‘2017 ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD’.

2018-07-12 13:13
CEO Park E Gyung of Natural Cosmetics Lymphodia awarded the best Asian Top Master prize‘ 2017 ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD’.

Release date: 2017/12/11

CEO Park E Gyung of Aesthetic Specialist Natural Cosmetics  Lymphodia awarded Asian Top Master prize  ‘2017 ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD’.

2017 ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD ceremony was held in Bali International Convention Center (BICC) for 4 nights and 5 days from November 26th to 30th.


2017 ASIA TOP BRAND AWARD is a large-scale international event that brings together about 2,000 professionals from 18 countries in Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, also Thailand, as well as experts from various fields and arranged to provide the latest information to Asian medical beauty specialists and encourage cultural and technological exchanges in each country.

In addition, CEO Park E Gyung nominated as a jury member of the Miss Harmony World beauty contest that held during the ceremony

Lymphodia, the brand of natural cosmetics for aesthetic use, directly purchases herbs grown in Jirisan Namwon, Jeollabukdo, Korea and uses domestic herbal oil and herb water to enhance the quality of natural products.

CEO Park E Gyung, who won the Asian Grand Prize said: "We are constantly researching (R & D) custom-made natural cosmetics brand Lymphodia that our customers desire and making progress in discovering eco-friendly raw materials, producing and selling products."

According to a member of the Asia Medical Aesthetic Forum (AMAEA) said "Park E Gyung who won the Grand Prize, by utilizing her career experience and pursued health and beauty for customers by using advanced ecological products and lymph-therapy techniques. She was awarded the Grand Prize in recognition of its contribution to the field of medical care and beauty by changing the body shape, improving the effects of anti-aging, skin elasticity and eliminating wastes.